Systems Thinking
Systems thinking, which CCFL has been researching and developing for forty-five years, is a conceptual framework, a body of knowledge, and a set of tools that help CCFL to find the leverage points in a system and suggest changes that produce the best results with the least effort, particularly in the areas of management and leadership training. 

Increasingly, people-factors are recognized as a major determinant of organizational performance and a key competitive differential.

Successful companies keep moving forward in order to grow. They continually help employees expand their capacity to create results. They nurture in their employees new and expansive patterns of thinking. They set free their employees' collective aspirations. And they help employees learn how to learn together.  

World-class organizations know that performance and competitiveness depend on just such "people-factors."  

At CCFL we understand and are inspired by this forward dynamic. We provide a growing number of international clients with comprehensive, strategic, and customized training in the areas that drive organizational development and performance. The training we offer helps clients advance their goals, improve their competitiveness, and increase their organizational creativity.