Corning Center for Learning (CCFL) is a leading provider of  integrated learning solutions to global companies. We have been strengthening businesses and non-profit organizations since 1961, with industry-leading expertise in training effective management, creating profitable, high quality outsourcing, applying the latest research to raise performance, and carefully targeted, personalized consulting. Through a focus on results, we help our clients to build their businesses with dynamic, effective training.

We have worked with more than 150 clients, including Quest Diagnostics Incorporated, World Kitchen, Berlex Laboratories, Corning Incorporated, and the United Nations Development Programme. We at CCFL have earned the respect of clients nationwide by providing expertise and innovative programs carefully adapted to each organization's goals, strategies, and culture. CCFL provides personal facilitation, teaching, consultation and custom course development created personally for you at a cost that some firms charge for off-the shelf-courses.

The carefully focused customization of learning programs is the hallmark of our services, and typically includes an initial examination of your needs and a follow-up evaluation of the results. Our solutions support all levels of your organization and can easily be adapted to meet strategic business initiatives, on demand information needs, and individual job roles. We are a closely integrated team at CCFL who provide custom content for both 3rd-Party and our own learning management systems. Besides being a leader in supporting standards and working with other suppliers, we will help your organization increase its performance through a combination of comprehensive on site and e-learning content, online information resources, flexible learning technologies, and support services.

An organization's performance is built not only on information, but also on inspiration. Our mission is to strengthen your performance by improving knowledge and skills, and by building an aggressive, powerfully committed organization focused on growth and success. Our tactical and specialized functions provide learning and performance support solutions that build through informed and skillful teams of leaders.

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CCFL's mission is to maximize business performance by improving the quality of human life, enabling people to be more strategically focused. CCFL's tactical and specialized functions provide learning and performance support solutions that connect corporate strategy and stakeholders.

"Engaged, diverse people. Willing to work and adapt, to jointly sit together."

__ Christopher Grygo, Organizational Development Specialist


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