CCFL helps many large enterprises meet the primary challenge of supporting and integrating their technologies. Among those using a learning management system, nearly two-thirds now have single, company-wide learning management systems. Just two years ago, this figure was 55 percent, underscoring the consolidation that is happening within corporate infrastructures.

Approximately one-quarter of large enterprises still have multiple learning management systems running internally. As organizations strive to eliminate redundancies and streamline their processes and systems. CCFL helps companies consolidate or reduce the number of learning management systems.

CCFL supporting and integrating technologies are designed to support all levels of the organization and can easily be adapted to meet strategic business initiatives, on-demand information needs and individual job roles. CCFL provides custom content support for CCFL and 3rd-Party pre-existing learning management systems including:

Docent GeoLearning
People Soft IBM/Lotus
Oracle Outstart
Sum Total Plateau
SAP Pathlore

In addition to being an industry leader in supporting standards and integrating with other suppliers, CCFL has a deep commitment to customer satisfaction and a strong record of execution.

CCFL enables organizations to maximize business performance through a combination of comprehensive learning content, e-learning content, online information resources, flexible learning technologies and consolidation support services.

CCFL's design and development experts work with clients to determine their learning needs and choose the most appropriate format for meeting such needs. Upon completing a needs assessment, we will design, test and deliver a custom solution. This process concludes with an evaluation of the curriculum materials and the effectiveness of the delivery, leading to recommendations for continuous improvement.

These services often include defining performance standards, training goals and development of instructors.

Evaluation of curriculum materials
CCFL's instructional strategies include creating instructional materials, and developing the structure and sequence of the learning program- CCFL helps clients consider whether technology-based delivery as the primary delivery methodology is best.

Deliverables may include:

  1. Tasks, Activities, or Steps needed to achieve the Objective (Training materials that support objectives).
  2. Audiovisual aids appropriate to meet objectives
  3. Creation storyboards for motion media production (production needed); (define production cost separately)
  4. Standard lesson plans using client format.
  5. Creation of Student Study Guides.
  6. Creation of PowerPoint presentation.
  7. Creation of supplemental classroom handout materials for students as appropriate.
  8. CCFL can provide Clients with a draft of the audiovisual presentation and draft of the student workbook weeks before the first scheduled operational tryout.
  9. CCFL can provide clients with evaluation of data (qualitative & quantitative) to make refinements or corrections to the program.
  10. CCFL Curriculum & Faculty Programs will provide comments for corrections in conjunction with an operational tryout.

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