Content development often can be expensive, prompting some organizations to turn to offshore providers for their custom content. Many customers have experienced problems with offshore firms, primarily around communications and project management.

To meet  these challenges, many companies turn to us to set up U.S.-based sites or offshore custom content developers, allowing them to work with local personnel while still enjoying some of the cost savings of overseas labor.

Many firms get increased productivity and better services by outsourcing some HR functions. This course and process will help you evaluate outsourcing opportunities for your organization.

The idea of a virtual partnership between your company and the provider is explored in depth, looking at how the details of an outsourcing contract can be set up to bring real benefits to your company.

Our presentation also stresses the need for flexible arrangements, which can help weather storms of unexpected economic turbulence and avoid potential pitfalls.

We have helped in the design of outsourcing arrangements for many Fortune 500 companies and Garry DeRose, CCFL Director, has written and presented widely on this subject.